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Monday, August 25, 2008

Carter IR'd, Other Cuts; 3rd Down

Jason Carter was put on injured reserve after tearing an ACL in the exhibition Saturday. Carter had started to show promise as a return man, and was working with the first units in 3 WR sets with other receivers out.

Cuts started with DE Casper Brinkley, QB Lester Ricard, TE Chris Conklin, and CB Curtis Deloatch. Brinkley, a rookie from South Carolina, may be looked at for the practice squad and was playing as a second string end at times while Tyler Brayton and Charles Johnson alternated at 1st string end.

Deloatch, who played for Carolina at times in 2007, was having a solid showing at CB and special teams, but loses out to a numbers game. Ricardo Colclough has the 4th CB job set, and will probably be a returner as well. CJ Wilson, returning to CB after a year at FS, has been solid as a relief player as well, and is both younger and cheaper than Deloatch.

Conklin was the team's 5th TE and rarely played, while the team has already decided on the players ahead of him. Chad Upshaw and Gary Barnidge will fight for the 3rd TE spot - Barnidge, a 5th round pick, hasn't played due to a gluteal strain; Upshaw has received playing time and looked good in that time. Upshaw, a rookie in 2007, is practice squad eligible, having been on the practice squad for Denver last year after being on the Panthers' squad in preseason that year. Alternately, Barnidge could go to IR.

Ricard received some time in the first preseason game, going 6 for 12, for 85 yards and taking one sack. A large lefty, Ricard doesn't really fit the mold of a practice squad QB, but could stick for developmental reasons.


3rd down was problematic for the team in 2006, finishing last in converting 3rd down.
This game, despite their immense success, they finished 2 of 11 on third down.

In that included four runs (three under Delhomme). Delhomme was 1-for-4 for conversion with an INT, and Moore 0-3. Delhomme dealt with a tipped ball and another pass defended.
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