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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Updates

  • Tyler Brayton has been seen rushing from DT on passing downs. Brayton has gotten high marks so far for atheleticism, while getting low marks for getting leverage and holding his ground.
  • Damione Lewis is getting noticed as more of a DL leader, and the rumors cite him being able to grow into the idea with the loss of overbearing DT Kris Jenkins. Having also lost notorious trash-talker Mike Rucker, this is good news.
  • Julius Peppers is getting noticed as a stronger, more able looking player than this time last year, when rumors of sickness or disease were already running around. Peppers' quickness has also returned, though it's hard to say if reports of him beating Jordan Gross is a good thing.
  • Looks like Stanley McClover is the situational end, though that wasn't unexpected. So Charles Johnson needs to get with the program, since the opening may be there for him to play on run downs.
  • At RB - Nick Goings is hurt. Deangelo Williams has gotten noticed for making some quick moves to get by the edge; Jon Stewart has gotten moticed for a good stiff arm and leaving some hits (and taking a few, noting Thomas Davis' two). So, the two that are playing are getting some good notice in of their respective ideals.
  • The Observer has a note about Natrone Means being the assistant RBs coach and working with Stewart.
  • Ryne Robinson is the only guy working fielding punt returns. Jason Carter is also working kick returns, but nothing for Stewart, Williams, or anyone else.
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