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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick Updates: Morgan Retires, Peppers Dealing; Cornerback

Dan Morgan officially retired last week, citing issues with his Achilles consistent with rumors that said he could be done; it makes me wonder why, if anything, that the Saints signed him. He had no ability to pass a physical if he still wasn't able to rehab the way he needed, so it's interesting the Saints took such a chance on a player that was injured so consistently without passing him in a physical. I'm not stating that Fox's old friend Sean Payton took a chance that he could get info on Fox's defense, but it would make more sense to do that than to pull a guy you know can't make it through a year, has a current injury, and not give him a physical.

Morgan was already eulogized here, relating to his career, so not much else to say but that I'm glad he got out before he took any more head shots.


Julius Peppers is rumored to be back at the discussion table with Marty Hurney and cap guy Rob Rodgers. Peppers, a free agent in 2009, has held the significant interest of this blog since its inception in the hopes of finding resolution and noting the significance of the contract. His contract situation, as a franchise level defensive player, has been critical in the face of fast-rising defensive end costs. Meanwhile, the cost for putting the franchise tag for Peppers would cost them stiffly - the tag costs the average of the top 5% of contracts or a 20% raise from the previous year. That'd cost the team around $17.04 million.

The Rock Hill Herald states that "conditioning was clearly a component" of the troubles Peppers had, and regardless of what or why, he did look less strong and less quick. This setback in 2007 doesn't seem to bother the team, and doesn't seem to bother Peppers; the press suggested mono, of which Peppers denied, and another rumor suggests something more on the level of an infection that weakened him.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans have turned on Peppers, citing effort as the cause. Some have called for his trading or just letting him walk after the year.


The Panthers added Curtis Deloatch to the roster this week, giving another young experienced cornerback. Deloatch bounced on and off the roster last year before getting hurt and going on injured reserve. He's added to Dante Wesley, Patrick Dendy, and Ricardo Colclough vying for the 4th CB position.

One interesting note on the position as well: 2007 7th round pick CJ Wilson, immediately moved to safety after the draft, has been moved back to CB. The addition of veteran Terrence Holt may have facilitated it, and the hopeful healthiness of Nate Salley couldn't have hurt, but Charles Godfrey's drafting seemed to state that they're not looking to develop more safeties. Wilson gets 'saved' in a way that guys like Quentin Teal doesn't - Wilson's versatility helps give him a chance at the roster, where Teal can only play S at a position suddenly equally as deep.
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