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Monday, April 21, 2008

Misplaced Blogging

Turns out I abandoned this unintentionally for three weeks. The draft has been a bit of a drain this year, but it survives another week. Six days and counting, and the landscape has changed.
  • Some are questioning Chris Williams' toughness, dedication, or even passion for the game. While it's hard to say how much this holds water, Williams may be dropping and may not be considered the hottest prospect around 13. My current feeling is that some concerns of his development are true; he's also a very smart player, as athletic as any tackle, and a leader. I still would consider him viable, though physically he could be a little more dominant; with the new changes
  • With his fall, the vacuum has pulled up Branden Albert, the 6'7, 320 lb guard from Virginia; Albert has minimal experience at OT but whispers have him looked at as a tackle prospect. His long arms and wide frame are appealing to teams. My opinion? He's not smart, and he's inexperienced at tackle. While this might be a good fit for a line in crisis like Kansas City's, I would rather us pick a player who (for once) has a specific skill set rather than versatility. Albert could be a very good guard, or an average tackle; right now, I also question his leg drive and for a blue chip guard he's never been dominant. Beware of fast risers with slow minds.
  • Does OT even matter? Fox's most recent presser has him stating he'd be fine with Travelle Wharton at OT; while the trio of Keydrick Vincent, Toniu Fonoti, and Milford Brown have experience, that trio plus Geoff Hangartner as a G/C combo backup and Jeremy Bridges fighting for a job could leave the team with all they need. With Evan Mathis as one backup tackle, they'd simply need a backup. But is it true or a smokescreen? Going with no top OL pick could allow us two DL picks - an end that could improve the rush and a defensive tackle that could provide immediate depth and a starter as early as 2009; the team hasn't had a top 50 pick on the DL since Julius Peppers, and the only top 100 pick to be on the roster other than Peppers is end Charles Johnson(Damione Lewis was a top 15, but with the Rams). It's time for the team to use at least two picks to replenish the DL, and neglecting the OL could bump the DL up.
  • Of course, John Fox also stated that end could have them stand pat as well. Granted, what they say this time of year doesn't necessarily matter at all; Fox essentially stated he has options, and he does.
  • Tons of speculation on Matt Ryan, Chad Henne, Brian Brohm, and even later-round prospect Josh Johnson. Who knows why; they have Matt Moore to back Jake Delhomme, and if they were concerned with Delhomme they'd have a veteran on staff as well.
  • The RB buzz, in full swing once Jonathan Stewart revealed his foot injury, has finally died down, though people who clamored for Mendenhall are now hoping for Stewart to fall to the 2nd. Meanwhile, I'm warming to guys like Ray Rice instead of super-huge backs; merit over measurement as far as I'm concerned. I'm not terribly in love with the idea of having two small backs, or in the case of Chris Johnson/Tashard Choice, a thin back to go with a small back, but I'd rather have the better runner at a good value than pick a player just because he's over 220 (which is where Deangelo Williams weighs in anyway).
  • Most fans are expectant there won't be a safety or tight end pick yet again (though to be fair, the team picked two TEs in two years, the reason there probably won't be a TE pick unless that player is an expert blocker like Craig Stevens). Safety does have options - the team still does like Nate Salley, and provided that he can be healthy he should have a shot at the start against Terrance Holt. With depth options behind that, you could state that the team has "enough" at safety and doesn't need to force a pick.
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