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Friday, April 25, 2008

Draftmas Eve

I've been floating on plenty of draft thoughts, but I've been ready for it to just come up already. Battling the Matt Ryan, Rashard Mendenhall type picks has taken a toll, and since there'll be plenty of beef brought into the lineup, it won't be a terribly exciting draft.

I'm fine with that, because we need a heft-style draft. The team attempted it in 2003, with modest success (they got a starting RT, a busted C, a blocking TE, and a rush DT in their picks, to go with the start of a DB revamp that didn't really take). It'll need much more, and a lot of toughness.

The first round is scattered - a mess of meshing the team's draft board with the outcome of the first 12 picks.

Right now, I'm expecting Derrick Harvey or an OT - and if it's an OT, it could very well be a trade down. I'm hoping that if it's a big tackle, that it's Cherilus over Otah; I'm fine with Williams, I guess. Of the possible options, I'm hoping Brandon Albert doesn't get significant thought.
I'm hoping against a RB pick in the first, a QB or WR pick at all, and yet still hopeful we can get good depth for our struggling offense. I'm hoping, if we do pick a RB, it's on his merit as a football player, not on his weightor any other individual measurable.

I'd be happy to see a trade up for Sedrick Ellis or a trade down for various players. I think I'd be least happy with a Matt Ryan pick, of all options, though Albert holds a personal distaste right now as well.

In the second, without knowing what will be left, it's nearly impossible to say what I'd want us to do; with another pick coming in 20 spots, we can afford to let some things slide. If we can't get a tackle by this pick, we shouldn't really try for a starter anymore; I'm kinda hoping against the VT prospects right now, and hoping we don't force a DT pick over an end (unless Balmer falls to 2).

Luckily, with a high 3rd pick (which will start Sunday early) and plenty of needs, the team can play the Best Player ideal without neglecting needs. Hopefully, these two picks will be OL and DL, though DL in both spots wouldn't be the worst thing (remember the team has placed only two top 100 picks on the DL since Julius Peppers in 2002). Regardless, OL seems to be as big a need as any, and if the offense is going to succeed, it must do so with a strong line; likewise, the defensive line is the weak point of the defense, a stark contrast to 2002-05.
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