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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holt Signed; DTs

Carolina signed safety Terrence Holt this week, bringing the Gibsonville native and NC State star back to North Carolina. A disappointment in Arizona, the 6'2, 205 lb safety had signed a $15 million, 5 year deal that they rescinded after the year, had 70 tackles but no INTs or defended passes. The two years prior, with the Lions in a less aggressive scheme, Holt had a total of 5 interceptions and has a total of 8 career INT. Holt, as a veteran of 43 starts and 69 games, has been a durable safety in zone and has a solid chance at starting at FS despite being considered a more stable candidate at SS. He has enough range, and reacts to the ball well enough in the air.

Holt will wear #42. In other jersey-related news, ace special teamer Donte' Curry has assumed #55 from now-released Dan Morgan. Landon Johnson has #94 after the signing of Kyndal Moorehead to Atlanta; it's expected that Johnson will look to move back to the 50s if a special teamer gets cut; the team is out of numbers in the 50s except for the obvious 51, which is unofficially retired.

DTs Still Available
One-gap defensive tackles are still available in free agency, and it seems most teams are in a holding pattern before the draft. The problem? The available players are backups. Further muddying the situation is Rod Coleman's health - the aging DT isn't considered ready to play yet, but is very highly sought overall. So, at some point, teams will want a shot at him, and won't waste a signing of Ian Scott to miss out.

So will Carolina make a move? Scott, Larry Triplett, and Darwin Walker - all of which, including Coleman, have spoken with Carolina - don't seem to have much market, and the team really only has two defensive tackles right now. The team could use Scott or Triplett situationally as run-stoppers, Coleman or Walker as a rusher. They have some room, so it's just a waiting game at this point.

The draft may be the reason to wait - teams looking at the first day see some solid options. If you can't get a first day DT (remember the first day is only two rounds now)
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