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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hartwig Cut; Jarrett DUI

This morning around 3 am, Dwayne Jarrett was arrested on suspicion of DWI in Mint Hill.

There's always the chance that this "turns him around", gets that USC attitude off him and makes him go to work knowing his livelihood's on the line as opposed

Justin Hartwig was cut this afternoon. The heralded signing, just another 2006 idea gone to hell at this point, came in as the "ultimate center" - a big, tough, durable pivot to upgrade from the "weak and old" Jeff Mitchell. He proved to be less than durable, and when we added Ryan Kalil, he resisted a move to guard despite being a good candidate.

So, now he's gone. I wish I knew what the plan was, at guard; hopefully, it's Wharton at LG, and a veteran competition at RG. I really wouldn't want to see Bridges (speaking of both legal trouble and being an awful guard) and Vincent fight for that job, we don't get better by moving Wharton inside and becoming less talented everywhere else.
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