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Sunday, March 2, 2008

FA update: and a Moss twist

NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the Panthers will bring free agent Randy Moss in for a visit.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

But, we might go there. Somehow. I don't see us being able to afford an instant Pro Bowler, across from another Pro Bowler. I don't know if he'd be happy with this offense, considering it's Pats-derivative but not run as dynamically; I don't know if he'd be happy with Jake Delhomme if not healthy; no one else is big-league enough to get him the ball.

It's a big-league move, though, in a make-or break year. Essentially, it would make Smitty the focus of the offense, Moss would be the big play guy, and Muhammad would be that "very good 3rd receiver" he mentioned possibly being necessity in his signing press release. We certainly couldn't have much excuse for improving offensively, but with Jake tender-armed and John Fox being a conservative coach, would Moss last a year?

Moss has been floundering since he hit free agency; he's negotiated with the Patriots, talked with the Packers and a few other teams; he's reportedly "close to signing" with the Pats again, per a few rumor sites, but apparently not close enough. I don't expect this to happen at all, but it's interesting we did get mentioned.

In other notes, the Panthers signed Ricardo Colclough to a 2 year, $4 million deal that has heads shaking; it's likely a one year, minimum deal with most of the money on the back end, so it's not catastrophic, but it's interesting how the team felt the need to capture him early and at this price. Colclough is all potential; he's not played since 2005, but he can return punts and kicks as well.

Marlon McCree's been mentioned with the Panthers since his Chargers' cut; however, McCree hasn't visited and apparently won't right off.

The NFL Network also reports the Panthers are interested in former Dallas RB Julius Jones. Jones' YPC dipped in 2007, and he got used less and less; whether that was Marion Barber or Jones is hard to say. Jones, however, does everything fairly well and would be a solid backup to Deangelo Williams.
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