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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DJ Hackett; John Wade; David Carr

DJ Hackett visits the team Friday, in a bit of a surprise move. The Panthers had stated a line of having DWI Jarrett...err, Dwayne Jarrett...starting; then Muhsin Muhammad was signed. Now, they're after Hackett, a part time starter for the Seahawks and extraordinary slot player in a spread offense.

It's hard to say who would start of the two - chances are greater, of course, that both get individual time next to Steve Smith, but the implied #2 receiver would be a more hazy situation. Muhammad starts every game up to this point; Hackett has always been potential, without results.

Uncorobborated rumors have former Bucs center John Wade visiting the Panthers soon.

Drew Carter signed an undisclosed contract with the Raiders; David Carr signed a $1 mil, 1 year deal to be a backup with the Giants.

Personally, I wouldn't be at all unhappy with Jared Lorenzen as our primary backup, with Matt Moore fighting it out with him.
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