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Friday, February 29, 2008

Jenkins Is Official; Visits; News; McCree

  • Kris Jenkins is officially gone. He's now a Jet, and we now have their 3rd (67th overall) and 5th round picks. Carolina is without their own 5th round pick, for Chris Harris. The team saves Jenkins' $3 mil salary and a $1 million bonus that would've been paid next week.
  • Jenkins signed a 5 year, $35 million deal this afternoon with the Jets, allowing the Jets to finalize the deal.
  • Rod Coleman was in camp today, as a potential replacement. It was mostly for a physical; Coleman left town without a contract, which likely means the team couldn't see eye to eye with him on a contract (probably under $2 mil a year) and he'll continue to test the market.
  • Larry Tripplett, a six year veteran DT that fits the team's style for rotation, is also available as of today.
  • says that, though the team has invested in Muhsin Muhamamd (contract value still undetermined, FWIW), they may be looking again. They mention Ernest Wilford, a favorite of mine in a hybrid role, who's already signed with the Dolphins. They also mention DJ Hackett, a fleet-footed slot type from Seattle.
  • A few internet blogs from local media types have noted that it's not likely that the team sign a free agent DE. It's possible they sign a Travis Laboy type player as a situational player; this gives them flexibility in the draft. However, the $8 million being asked by Justin Smith sets an awful precedent and the $7 mil per year Tommy Kelly got from the Raiders will only inflate the market.
  • Former Raider DE Tyler Brayton, a 3-4 end in Oakland, visited today, for reasons unknown. It's possible the team want a veteran that can be added to the mix, as a backup and possible run-downs specialist, while the team looks for a rush end in the draft to aid in making the pass defense better.


Marlon McCree will be in town this weekend. The former Carolina SS, in 2005, went to San Diego, famously picked off Tom Brady in the divisional game in 2006 and then fumbled the ball away, giving the Pats another chance at the win (which they generally capitalize on). Now, he may be facing a return to the team, with a player similar in ability to his own in Chris Harris; both players are compact but stout zone players with an affinity for hitting, aggressiveness, and occasional lapses in coverage.

However, don't forget McCree was a FS in Houston and the Panthers' safeties are roughly interchangeable. It won't ease my concerns about McCree not being good enough in coverage, or that we would inevitably be too prone to playaction, but it'd hopefully be a cheap addition to the team to take care of a big need. If the team locked down McCree, hopefully much cheaper than the mega-deals that Gibril Wilson and Madieu Williams just signed, their back 7 would be completely done (save a backup at FS).

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