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Monday, February 11, 2008

Deadline Looms; June 1st Exemptions and Who's Safe

The deadline to franchise Jordan Gross is February 21 - the team is working toward a deal and hopes to get something done before then. If not, Gross is going to be tagged, a $7.4 mil
exemption that Gross and most players don't want to receive. As well, it would lock Gross in as the team's franchise player - a title that doesn't change until he leaves or retires. There's plenty of incentive to get a deal done quickly, including getting his deal done before prices rise again, but if the team doesn't get it done by the 21st, they still have until the 29th for free agency.

A new facet of the new CBA included letting teams designate a few players as June 1st exemptions. As the old CBA stood, signing bonuses counted across the length of the contract and the prorated amounts accelerated to the cap on the year of a cut. On June 1, the remaining proration went to the next year's cap, allowing teams to cut players whose proration was larger than the year could allow. The new CBA allows teams to cut a few players of this sort at the onset of the new fiscal year, and Dan Morgan and Mike Wahle were two examples of that.

What's this mean for the team? Any other likely cuts probably would've come, if possible, are probably safe. Many of the remaining bigtime cuts are going to be on players with one year left on their deals (proration has already been applied), such as Deshaun Foster, David Carr.

So, if you're Ken Lucas, Justin Hartwig, or Maake Kemoeatu, you can probably plan on keeping your job another year. If you were going to be cut, it would've probably just happened.
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