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Friday, February 1, 2008

Cap Space Looking Up

A death in the family and a trip to Florida related to the aforementioned loss will be coming up, so it's time to get some thoughts out while they're still here.

Cap issues looked somewhat bleak, and completely related to the Julius Peppers situation (since that somehow finds its way into every facet lately), but we're not going to be so encumbered and further cuts will give us flexibility.

Also a quick coaching update in Atlanta:
It oughta be interesting having a pair of former coaches in the division - Bill Musgrave and Paul Boudreau - together. Musgrave, former QBs coach and OC for Carolina (1999, 4 games of 2000), never coached with Boudreau (2001-02), but both carry knowledge of the team; more importantly the guy who oversaw Boudreau and succeeded Musgrave, Richard Williamson, knows them. Boudreau joins Musgrave under Mike Mularkey and new head coach Mike Smith. Smith has put together a solid staff, but Smith himself I'm not that impressed with.
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