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Thursday, January 3, 2008

What Could've Been, Three Times Over

It was funny watching Kerry Collins, gray in his hair, piloting the Titans to the playoffs. It's not unlike letting your kid sister drive into the driveway from up the street after you drove across the country. But, Kerry still has a good ball, and it's hard to begrudge him after 9 1/2 years. Still, he set us back, and so did Dom Capers with that decision (among others).

Coincidentally, this week both Dom (Dolphins staff) and Vic Fangio (Ravens staff) were let go; it probably increases the chance the two work together on a staff together, but it's ironic that they're out of work right now when most of the league isn't.

Also coincidentally, the odd pairing of former Panthers coordinators John Marshall and Gil Haskell with the Seahawks are running in the playoffs.

Another "almost was", of course, retired today. Warren Sapp is done in the league,

Sapp probably was never seriously considered in Carolina with the first, or even fifth, overall pick. Not only was he falling from the top few spots before the draft, but predraft rumblings about marijuana meant that he wouldn't be the new face of a franchise. Nonetheless, he teamed with Derrick Brooks to build a dominant defense that still holds intact today: during the 1998-2001 slump defensively for Carolina, Sapp was at his best, making a Pro Bowl each year and being 1999's defensive Player Of The Year.

Sapp would've most definitely been a dominant lineman in the 3-4: we never had a dominant down lineman in the Dom Capers era. He, along with Greg Kragen and Mike Fox, would've been a very good trio inside, and would've likely given us less reason to haphazardly go after Sean Gilbert. It's inevitable that Sapp would've ended up causing some trouble and eventually leaving, as that was always going to be in his nature. Still, it's intriguing to think what could've happened.
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