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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disappointment; Coaching Carousel Spins Already

Needless to say, the Jacksonville game was embarassing. Losing to a rival program, with a rival coach, and right after the first feel-good win in a while? It hurt. Worst of all, we had the rallying cry of Vinny Testaverde finally squashed, possibly for the season. Vinny had the propensity to make a few awful throws, but this week he was ridiculous. Things were going to only get worse after Testaverde couldn't hit Steve Smith on a short screen to the right, without throwing high and wide.

With the somewhat surprising (and douchebaggerizing) resignation of Bobby Petrino to go back to the college ranks (not addressing the team, and barely noting to his coaches), the NFL coaching carousel begins. Brian Billick, Cam Cameron, Mike Nolan, assumably Scott Linehan, and certainly our own John Fox are in danger.

Interesting names on the Falcons' coaching staff:
Mike Zimmer, former Dallas DC and Atlanta DC; if a team needed a defensive coordinator, he'd be an interesting name behind Mike Nolan; LBs coach Brian Van Gorder, former UGA defensive coordinator and Georgia Southern head coach would certainly do well continuing to coach linebackers. Hue Jackson, Atlanta's OC, would be a good WRs coach option.

One other interesting name: Karl Dorrell. While Dorrell might stay down in the college ranks, he's a good name for any staff putting together a good offense, having the pro experience as a receivers coach and a college background as a coordinator. He has experience with the WCO, as well. He's expected to be a position coach if he comes back up, but he's a quality name.

This is mostly to speak in generalities - Richard Williamson has a job here if he wants it.

As for the Falcons' vacancy? Some suggest Mike Singletary will interview. Some push Jason Garrett. Another media source pines for John Fox. There's always the Cowher and Schottenheimer rumors.

My money's on Garrett. He's young, he's successful, you can feed him a young QB, and to me, he lacks credability, organization, experience, and would be a failure. So, please go to Atlanta, Jason Garrett.
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