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Sunday, November 25, 2007

v/s NO, v2.0

After last week, I saw a team that's still willing to fight. But it's hard, going through a losing streak, and that's taking a toll on my want to analyze here right now. Specifically, seeing them fight, and end up putting points together toward the end, after some early turnovers and an awful, awful call on the pooch punt (as well as the lack of an 11th man on the field), it's not easy.

And after Vinny started to put it together late, now he's out again. David Carr starts this week, and that'll mean the Matt Moore hype will grow again. I see a lot of calls for him to get put in, and maybe that'll happen, but as of now this team has a need to win a football game, and I don't see a misake-prone Moore doing that. Then again, right now I don't see Carr doing that at this point.

New Orleans means two things for our offense - spread, and pass protect. The middle should be open in the pass, and should be blockable up front for the run. On D, just contain Bush. He's gotten better, and more confident, since last time.

(to edit, this was written before the game, posted after)
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