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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Starting Updates, and ATL Notes

Vinny Testaverde is the starter on Sunday, so hopefully that means we'll at least try to find ways to get the ball to Steve Smith early and try to run the ball, keeping the pace of the game in hand. Smith, however, might not even suit up, still ailing with a sore shin. It's possible that Smith suits up, but we keep all 5 WR active; it's also possible we keep Jarrett on last minute warning. I personally don't see Smith sitting the game out if he can do anything more than walk.


Not to put the loss on Steve Smith, but if he pulls the football in before trying to cross the goal line, we're likely to win against ATL. If Chris Harris doesn't get picked on the Crumpler play, ATL is out of Andersen's FG range, and we likely go into overtime. It's unfortunate, and we should've been better, but a bounce of the ball in the other direction and we still win.

Thomas Davis looked very good rushing the passer, getting two solid hits on Harrington, one that pulled him out of the game for a snap, and had to go against tackles to get to Harrington to do it. I've always felt that Davis was a good strongside minded guy, even before Fox put him on that side, but I never saw him as a good player to put outside Peppers on the line because his bulk isn't enough to go against NFL tackles. But this week he held his ground radially against Todd Weiner and got two good hits on the quarterback.

Jon Beason came to play with a combined 11 tackles.

Ken Lucas obviously has reverted back to '05 form, 5 tackles, 3 defended passes, and a fumble recovery for TD.

And Mike Rucker, 4 tackles, a sack, and a QB pressure.
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