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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carr rumors; Looking Ahead?

A rumor involving David Carr:
Carr said he came here because we were the only team who told him he could use any delivery he wanted. He wanted to go back to the side armed delivery he used in HS. Apparently at Fresno St and in Houston the coaches made him use a more overhead delivery, although it still looked somewhat sidearmed. No wonder his accuracy and arm strength have suffered. That isnt even mentioning those gloves.

Also, per his weekly interview on Sirius Radio, it seems the Carr era has officially come to an end, and that he won't see the field if not necessary. As it stands now, it looks like Vinny Testaverde will remain #1, for now, and Matt Moore #2.

For you Cowher fans, grasping to straws like "we can get him early" or "he has a house in Raleigh", Chan Gailey was fired from his GT job. The former Florida QB, and Cowher alum, has head coaching experience, ran a progressive offense in the NFL, had a two game over .500 record with the Dallas Cowboys, and never won less than seven games with GT (though more than 7 only once). His work with Cowher was some of Cowher's more innovative offense at the time, despite having to win with Kordell Stewart. As well, another former staffer, Mike Mularkey, probably gets the boot in Miami as OC.

And for you Schottenheimer fans, Cam Cameron will most likely be booted completely out of Miami, possibly before the season ends. Whether he has any respectability left after such a long year is hard to say.

I guess, in that respect, if Dom Capers hadn't already coached here, he could come coach the defense under a mythical Cowher regime.

And, under the guise that the 49er staff fails, I think anyone who can win the Mike Nolan derby is a good bet. As an added bonus, getting Nolan might mean getting Mike Singletary.
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