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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blowout; Injuries Mount

The Tennessee game was a disaster, needless to say. Special teams were special in the wrong way; the passing offense netter 6 first downs and 7 sacks. The defense, the lone bright spot, couldn't do enough by itself, and in the end, attrition meant another 100 yard rusher that didn't deserve the yards.

David Carr was awful - timid decision making was this time supplanted with holding the ball, and the sacks mounted. A well called defense, with good talent, was going to do some damage, but we let a DT sack Carr that was wrapped up in a blocker - he just fell forward, taking Carr down. Twice Carr couldn't outrun a defensive lineman, negating supposed mobility, and many more times he had to go on the run because of pressure that wouldn't have been there because the ball didn't come out in time. On the upside, he realized Steve Smith is a Panther, and threw to receivers occasionally.

The line certainly did its part, with miscommunication on a blitz, on a rolling pocket, and then on just not being prepared to take on Albert Haynesworth. Seven sacks is unacceptable, regardless of a timid QB. For their credit, the OL moved the TN front around in the first half, running solidly against the #1 rush defense in the league.

The defense held Lendale White at bay while the game was still in play, and held Vince Young to menial success for the game (and forced two interceptions). It gave up a tone-setting first drive that put us down 7-0 right off, but after that, settled down and did well.

David Carr received a concussion in the game, and will be out this week. Keary Colbert (foot), RT Jordan Gross (ankle), C Justin Hartwig (thumb), and DE Otis Grigsby (thigh) all missed time this week and are unknowns.

It's hard to say who'll start this week: Carr is out, Testaverde had practiced twice this week but couldn't practice Friday; Matt Moore took the snaps Friday and Drew Olson was promoted from the practice squad.
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