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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vinny Testaverde Added

Partially for his experience, and partially just knowing the Pats'-based offense we're running, the Panthers have added former Buc, Cowboy, Jet, Pat, and Brown/Raven Vinny Testaverde to play quarterback. The 43 year old former Heisman winner is 3 years older than coordinator Jeff Davidson; QBs coach Mike McCoy was a freshman in high school when Testaverde was coming out from the University of Miami; that year, Testaverde's Heisman year, was the year that rookie WR Dwayne Jarrett was born. Testaverde ranks 6 years older than the next Panther, John Kasay; a year younger at 36 is fellow former Patriot Christian Fauria.

Testaverde has 20 different seasons with a TD pass, a record; if he throws for one with Carolina, 21 seasons. Testaverde has had more pass attempts than the entire Panthers franchise.

And if David Carr's back doesn't respond, it's even money that the team will use Testaverde in the Arizona game this week, if they go with experience instead of the athletic but green Matt Moore.
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