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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Carr Questionable: 3x "What To Expect"

David Carr is officially questionable, and after one practice will sit again until gametime to see where his back feels.

Playing Carr, with only this week before the bye week, may or may not be a good thing, so they might go with the backups. So what can we expect to see, with each QB? Other than needing to rely on defense and the running game, here's what to expect with each QB in:

With Testaverde in: Initial theory would put Testaverde, a slow QB 21 years ago and slower now, in shotgun. However, Testaverde isn't a fan of the 'gun, as he says it's just something to take his eyes off the defense. He'll see plenty of rush, and plenty of blitzing, so the screen game needs to be there. The quick passes will get out, so we'll see a lot of slants, crosses, and a lot of working the middle of the field, something we haven't seen much with Carr. TE and FB stop routes will keep drives alive.

With Moore in: Moore was efficient in Dallas' preseason, going 21 for 29 and a score, and was efficient as a collegiate player, going a streak of 7 games without an INT despite having the propensity to throw an odd ball up there. He will probably not see much shotgun, unless the team puts him in shotgun with max-protect (two backs or a back and a TE), but will probably see some spread offense (easier to read the defense, less blitzers, and so on), and will most likely see some bootleg and sprint pass-sprint draw action to help move the pocket. Not the fastest QB at 4.8 (40), he still has quick feet and can run, and getting him out in space keeps blitzing lessened and forces the D to guess a little more with the pass rush. It's a bit much to expect a QB draw or two scripted, as the team won't try to get the QB hit too much. Whoever does play, will have to stay healthy as possible so as to not lose a 3rd QB for extended time.

Nonetheless, Moore is as poised as possible for a rookie in the pocket, and will see some delay safety valve action for the young QB on 5 step drops. When David Carr entered the game in relief, he received deep balls, sideline balls, and safety valves, and don't expect that Moore will receive much different. They may motion players in or out of formation to create looks and tip the defense's hand more (critical for a young QB).
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