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Friday, September 7, 2007

Rams overpreparing for Peppers

The St. Louis Rams have been taking the decoy, so to speak, though it's uncertain if that's what the Panthers intended. After Carolina showed a number of looks - much more than in a regular season game - against the Pats, which included an odd-front 4-3, a 4-4, a heavy dose of 3-4 with Peppers lining up at either OLB, and Peppers having to go out to the slot to cover a receiver, the team used a bit of unintended ingenuity to confuse the Rams' preparation.

Per the St. Louis Times-Dispatch, Rams DE Eric Moore has been wearing a No. 90 pullover in practice as he plays the role of Carolina’s Julius Peppers in scout team roles. “They’re moving him around a lot more,” Linehan said. “We noticed him in about five different spots in the New England preseason game, which is what you try to do with a player like him. We have to account for him wherever he is.”

So what was unlikely anything other than a pacing of Jon Beason's grasp of the playbook and a way of evaluating him in a hybrid role between WLB and MLB (and a fun way of keeping the vets interested), has given the Rams' offense fits, apparently.


Possibly as a precaution due to Chris Gamble's minor ankle injury, the Panthers have cut 4th RB Alex Haynes and added CB Curtis Deloatch back to the team. Also, should Tim Shaw be active this week, he'll be wearing 97 instead of 49.
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