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Monday, August 20, 2007

v/s Philadelphia, 8/18/07

After making significant headway, the Panthers took a big step back against the Eagles, losing 27-10 and looking significantly worse against the Philadelphia first string than against the Giants.

High points
  • Dante Rosario is quietly showing to be a good pass catcher and a solid addition for blocking at TE or FB
  • Nick Goings is showing versatility as a return man in addition to being a good RB
  • Jason Baker is still booming kicks, and coverage units look improved.
  • LB play was solid in coverage and improved in open field tackling, and DL play was again solid overall.
  • Mike Rucker returned from injury and looked solid in all phases.

Low points

  • The team came out unfocused and looking uncoordinated, on their way to being embarassed against a potential playoff team
  • Jake Delhomme regressed, throwing off his back foot and having problems protecting the football; David Carr didn't make much progress and had flashes of good play combined with bad decision making as well.
  • The offensive line regressed, and while Ryan Kalil and Justin Hartwig had different roles, the rest of the OL looked mistake-ridden and overmatched as well. Recently demoted backup Jeremy Bridges didn't stand out amongst an undersized backup line.
  • 3rd down conversion, just as overall production, declined significantly.
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