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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Right Guard Revolving Door - Two More Pass

In the quest for a right guard to start opening day, the team has now added Ryan Kalil to the pile. Kalil succeeds Geoff Hangartner, whose tryout as the first team right guard was short enough not leave footprints in the grass where he lined up. So far, the team has tried Jeremy Bridges, Evan Mathis, Justin Hartwig, Kalil, and Hangartner, leaving only D'Anthony Batiste and Kenyatta Walker to not be elevated.

It's unlikely that the team pushes anyone else from a starting role over to RG - Wharton, Wahle, and Gross are all staying where they are, and Hartwig's quick tryout there against the Eagles wasn't successful. For now, it looks like the team will work with Bridges after the 2nd game of the season, but will look for a body to put in the spot for the two game tryout while Bridges is suspended.

Long term, the team wants Kalil at center, where his lack of ideal size and strength won't hurt him as much, but they apparently feel he can swing out to guard and not be a hindrance. Hangartner, another career center, lacks the functional strength to play against DTs; it's hard to say whether Kalil can, but we'll find out.

Unfortunately, despite competition at RG, in addition to safety and 2nd WR, the team hasn't really solved any of the battles in camp so far.
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