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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Beason Signed

Jon Beason is ready for football, and at no small cost.

His total value is more in line with the Panthers' original pick at 14, with his contract being a 28% raise over the player behind him. His bonus is in line with Anthony Spencer, the defensive player behind him in the draft, but more of it's up front.

Regardless, Beason is in camp with the contract he wanted (i.e., more of it), and the Panthers settle on not paying the 2nd year option bonus. Instead, the team moved a signing type bonus to a third year.

So what does this mean from here on?

With Beason in camp now, the potential to move him around has essentially gone; the team will likely work him into some reactive snaps at WLB, and won't play him at MLB. He may or may not play the nickel before the season starts, and chances are James Anderson will be the 'starter' in the nickel until Beason is ready. Beason, depending on Diggs' health, will probably start before October.

Terrence Melton looks to be headed to Injured Reserve, clearing the spot for Beason on the roster. Melton had been working at WLB in the abscence of Diggs and Beason, and Anderson started this past week's Fan Fest at the spot after practicing at SLB. Right now, it's anybody's guess what will happen at the two-deep depth chart with Beason in, but Beason and Diggs will be the 1-2 at start of season, most likely. Chances are, Anderson will split time at both outside spots, and Tim Shaw will see time at SLB or MLB.

Who'll start at the Giants, in a week, is harder to say. Diggs may not be healthy, Beason likely isn't ready. Anderson is a natural weakside, but has been put behind Thomas Davis at SLB for most of his career - long term, he won't be able to stay at WLB because of Beason and Diggs. That's the extent of our options for Saturday - chances are, Anderson will start, and play a half. Beason will make a few appearances and probably hand the job over to special teamer Brandon Jamison.
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