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Friday, July 27, 2007

Kris Jenkins On Time, In Shape - Carstens Gone

Though his weight was a mild surprise, it shouldn't have been a surprise that Kris Jenkins came in on time to camp. Though the media predicted a holdout because of a trade rumored to be pushed, Jenkins said he wasn't going to hold out and there was no reason to believe so. He's in camp, in shape, and ready to work. While he may not be in the shape trainers want him to be in, last year he came in overweight, off a knee injury, and made a Pro Bowl.

Jordan Carstens was released as well - the team needed to free up roster spots for the draftees (technically, the players aren't on roster until they're signed, so teams hire scrubs to take a look at them, and generally get rid of the worst ones early once picks are signed), but Carstens, a former starter, was tendered the second-round tender of $1.3 million.

That's a lot of money for a guy with health problems, especially for a 4th DT on a team that he really won't compete on. Carstens wasn't the big bruising DT that the starters are, and he's not the athletic player that Damione Lewis or even Kindal Moorehead are. With that pair, along with starters Jenkins and Kemoeatu, the team has plenty of depth and talent, and newcomer Chad Lavalais has almost two years' worth of starting experience as well.

Carstens is a hard worker, but the health concern was real and the team could've used that money on something better - a safety, for instance - the $2.5 million that Ken Hamlin will make as a Dallas Cowboy is certainly within range. This signing didn't make sense then, and doesn't now.
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