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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beason and injured players sit, rest

Jon Beason still holds out - at odds over an incentive based bonus versus a straight signing bonus, the team seems to be the one being unorthodox and this could cost both parties. Meanwhile, Na'il Diggs is predictably hurt, leaving Terrence Melton as the theoretical starting weakside linebacker. While the truth would leave Tim Shaw or James Anderson, they're not in that position at this time, and theory in this case is useless. But it shows that Beason should be starting there, and Diggs is crucial depth.

Otherwise, Steve Smith sat today, Mike Minter sat yesterday, each prompting wild, unexcusable rumors. Other things have come and gone: rumors, suppositions, and accusations that buzz around the team one way or the other. There really isn't a ton to know for certain, but here are a few things - the practices have been spirited, where last year things were tenuous. Three things there - Steve Smith's injury last year, the difference between the Henning offense's lack of confidence and the buzz over Jeff Davidson's (or, possibly, simply hope), and three, the lack of expectation. This team knows it's good, but it has to prove it's that good this year. Last year, everyone wanted to tell them how great they were on paper, and paper folds. This year's team looks primed to prove.
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