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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Snap Count and Cadence, Henning v/s Davidson

Yet more praise for the new scheme came in this week in the form of Mike Rucker and Mike Minter, at a minor cost to the past scheme. Minter and Rucker never mentioned Dan Henning, but did take a few swipes at the things Henning did - like not varying the snap count.

Yasinskas makes a bit of a leap in noting the "always going on one" issue. I've watched the team for years and after getting a lot of the tendencies down on how our plays were called, formation recognition toward plays, play calling in certain parts of the field, and so on, I can't say I've made much note of the snap count. I'm watching other things pre-snap, and certainly, it's not the first thing I'm thinking about. I can't honestly remember doing much with listening to the snap count honestly.

I can't say whether Henning did or didn't have the offense always go on one. If we always went on one, it'd be ultimately the HC's call on how and why - even if Jake Delhomme always called it on one, or was responsible for it, it'd be something Henning would undoubtedly notice and correct if it was necessary.

Little blurbs coming out about the past offense v/s new - notes of the team talking about things like audibles, cadence, snap count, excitement, and so on - have been flowing and suggest some things the team and players had about the way things were run. It's too bad we'll never get a full rundown of how the team felt about the offense, especially from guys like Mike Wahle who had esteem coming in and clearly had issues with the administration of the scheme.
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