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Monday, June 4, 2007

New Offense: Rave Reviews

Granted, every GM always gets his man in the draft and every player is optimistic this time of year, but Jeff Davidson's new offense is getting a lot of good press from the players.

Undoubtedly, there's an expectation of a good audible system and a lot of flexibility, both sorely lacking in the later parts of the last offense. Right now, those situations aren't vital; players are simply enjoying the new wrinkles.

As well, John Fox notes that the players are showing "new energy" and talked about a bit of excitement to go along with it. Jake Delhomme calls the new offense "fun" and says the concepts are "friendly", but notes that it's still down to execution.

Delhomme also praised the youth and the new faces "flying around", specifically praising Dwayne Jarrett and the speedy Ryne Robinson. Granted, this time of year, even Keary Colbert looks good, and who can't run a route being defended by stale air? Nonetheless, a good working relationship with Jarrett and Robinson never hurts, and if the new players can be this good while being defended, the offense will be a lot more potent on third downs.
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