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Thursday, June 7, 2007

More Raves For New Offense

“I love how wide open it is,” Keary Colbert stated. “There are a lot of talented players, and I think we are utilizing that. I don’t think it’s focused on one particular run or pass or anything like that. We’re just putting the ball in playmakers’ hands and letting them do what they can do, and I think that is going to help us this year.”

The idea of a Carolina offense being wide open hasn't materialized much since 2000 unless it's under 2 minutes and Jake Delhomme's been in control (and we've been behind). Colbert's words may or may not be as transparent as it seems, but there are a number of things to consider in those few words.

Most notably - "I don’t think it’s focused on one particular run or pass or anything like that. " There's no doubt that Dan Henning's offense typically looked very simple; in some instances, a 3 and out could come from 3 different formations and 3 different personnel groupings, and yet still run the same in the 4 hole. A call for conservative calling seemed to have become a misinterpretation for oversimplicity. This new offense should have some similar formation variations, but without the predictable nature.

Without having made the field, the new offense seems to be a hit - there's a lot more positive talk and confidence about this offense than any the team has fielded, even following the 3rd ranked O of 1999. Whether it makes a difference or not is hard to say - whether it forces Jake Delhomme to stop making hasty mistakes, or if it could force David Carr to read a defense for the first time in his life, is hard to say. Whether the line can learn to run block, whether Deshaun Foster can be healthy, is hard to say. For now, the results look positive.
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