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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cowher Rumor Officially Overplayed

Coach Chin, who was idly rumored to both NC State football openings in this decade because the championship winning head coach attended NSCU, is now getting rumored for NFL openings coming up. He had some links to Carolina this year, and Carolina's high on the list of rumors for Cowher's arrival next year as well.

Why? There's nothing to dislike with Cowher, a coach who may make the Hall and would be a shoo-in with another championship or five more years of winning (averaging 10 wins a year over the last six that includes one 6-10 season, 50 more wins puts him just shy of 200 total wins). He does have some local ties (though college isn't anywhere near the draw of both being born in PA, playing for the Eagles for two years and coaching the Steelers for an eternity), but seemingly having bought a house in North Carolina makes Cowher a prime suspect for every available football related position in the state.

That aside, the job isn't available and likely won't be available next year unless the players outright quit, which is the last thing that would seem to happen on a John Fox team.

And while we're on the subject, if 31 teams are supposedly looking at Cowher, why isn't anyone taking a look at Steve Mariucci? For that matter, this year he could've been had with a number of his old 49er staffers available as well.
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