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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Awakening The Dead: Momentary Bouts of Newsworthiness

The Panthers are back in voluntary workouts, essentially a minicamp, and not much is really known. Here's what's come out so far:

  • The internal media is keeping a lid on the Delhomme/Carr controversy, but the external media continues to take some stabs at it. Undoubtedly, August will be full of messy, even angry, arguments about these two from all sides. But it's unlikely that Delhomme loses his job in preseason, a move that rarely happens anyway; and once the season starts, backup quarterbacks are forgotten men unless the starter struggles.
  • On that note, Delhomme and Carr are throwing well in drills.
  • Kris Jenkins isn't around. A couple more vocal players are showing frustration at the (lack of) move on Jenkins' behalf, a few media outlets are painting it as a contract issue, and some even say Jenkins will never play for us again.
  • Ken Lucas is pissed off, which is good. Now he just has to find that killer instinct again.
  • Mike Rucker is back jogging, a good sign for his rehab.
  • The team apparently sees no need at all to find any safeties to help fill the need: Nate Salley has the first crack at the job, and after that, probably Deke Cooper.
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