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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Schedule - with analysis

9/9 @ St Louis
9/16 Houston
9/23 @ Atlanta
9/30 Tampa Bay
10/7 @New Orleans
10/14 @ Arizona
10/28 Indianapolis
11/4 @Tennessee
11/11 Atlanta
11/18 @ Green Bay
11/25 New Orleans
12/2 San Francisco
12/9 @ Jacksonville
12/16 Seattle
12/22 Dallas
12/30 @ Tampa Bay

Easy opening, tough ending. December's especially tough, with important NFC games v/s potential contenders.

St. Louis and Houston should be a solid pair to start the season; neither are expected to be top teams yet and won't have time to gel. David Carr shouldn't be starting, so the Houston game lacks the additional drama.

Three divisional games follow, two away; the run before the bye features 4 of 6 games away, a tough run for that reason. Still, better to catch the away games early, and with a bye coming up.

Indy is a great team to catch after a bye - with plenty of preparation, the defending Champs should be a little easier to face. Following that run, a pair of running QBs will provide a unique challenge; the Atlanta game will be a key turning point. Players will be happy to have Thanksgiving week at home; if they're in the hunt, the New Orleans game at home will be critical.

It's hard to say what will happen with the Packers, Jaguars, or 49ers, but the meat of the schedule after that will be must-wins. Dallas, Seattle, and Tampa look to be strong, and the season could flip from good to bad, or turn in our favor, based on how we finish the season.

Win the home games, and we're in good shape. The away games are, besides division opponents, easy; no traditional Washington or Minnesota games, no cold away games. Aside from the division and the Rams, no domes.
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