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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rumor Mill Exports Refined Ginn

Ted Ginn is getting a lot of play lately in the media as the "it" pick, despite all rational thought or common sense. It's being led by Pat Yasinskas, who stated before that "another team thinks Carolina is going with a receiver". The team is, apparently, Pittsburgh, who may covet Ginn. There seems to be no actual rumor or indication the team itself wants, or would pick Ginn, and the chances are, the team has not made a decision in one direction or another about a pick dependent on the 13 teams ahead of them.

On the up side, the team has a long term need at receiver. Keyshawn Johnson is aging, Keary Colbert busted and Drew Carter is a free agent after 2007. The team needs a primary returner as well. Having an impact receiver, all other things neglected, is a good thing.

Nonetheless, this leaves Ginn or Carter as a 4th receiver - and that's a high price one way or the other, for a 4th guy. Carter, the #3, barely got any targets down the stretch, and Colbert as #4 got very little. Either way, a player who wouldn't have been active last year would be making over a million dollars this year. Carter makes $1.3 million this year, and Ginn's contract will likely approach $3 million per year (last year's 14 pick, Brodrick Bunkley, signed a six year, $17.5 million deal). And that's a lot to put on the shelf with only one NFL-worthy safety on this roster.
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