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Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Jenkins Contradiction

The media's apparently playing tennis with the Kris Jenkins situation: one side publishes a rumor, the other side volleys a return that says something completely different. Last week, for instance, it was stated that it was unlikely Jenkins would return because bridges were burned in one outlet, and in the same paper it was later reported through a different staffer that it wasn't so.

This week, Darin Gantt reported that Jenkins will likely return. This is a view I shared from the time of the leak - the team did not want the leak to get out, and the leak essentially killed trade chances.

Mild Speculation - Atlanta

Atlanta, apparently moving up to put themselves in position to get LSU's Laron Landry, have more recently been rumored to want to trade up for Calvin Johnson, the hometown phenom at WR, or may pass over Landry for Jamaal Anderson.

If Landry falls past #8, he still may not make it to 14.

But if Atlanta takes Landry, they won't move stiff youngster Jimmy Williams to S; he'll remain the starter at CB, where his limitations became clearer throughout the year. They'd get better at safety, but they'd fail to get better at CB and would have to draft a lesser player at DE.
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