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Friday, April 13, 2007

Jenkins: Conflicting Rumors

After John Clayton reported the team wouldn't be expected to unload Kris Jenkins from here out, another ESPN contemporary, Len Pasquarelli, reports that the team is expected to move him. Gaston Gazette's Steve Reed reports that a 3rd round pick is being offered, and that the team will likely accept the offer soon.

Pasquarelli had been known to have a lot of inside info specific to the Panthers in years past, especially when he was with CBS; however, to speculate, it seemed his source was Jack Bushofsky, who hasn't been with the team in a few years.

Discrepancy between insider information reports at ESPN isn't anything unique, though. It could be conflicting reports from an agent v/s the team, a rival agent or team trying to devalue, or even conflicting sources within the team with differing opinions on the situation.
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