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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Draft Day!

Today's the decisive day we'll find out who some of the new difference makers are - and here's a basic wish list of my own, short, sweet.

First round - Jamaal Anderson, Reggie Nelson, or a trade down. I'm not interested in getting topped out players like Carriker or reaching for guys like Greg Olsen.

Second round - Eric Weddle. Now a little worried he won't be there and the team supposedly likes him over Nelson and Michael Griffin.

Third round - John Wendling. We really need two safeties in the first three rounds. If not Wendling, Buster Davis.

Fourth round - a safety if not a LB, a LB if not a safety.

No huge reaches, no crazy picks. No undeveloped, unable to play guys this year. Also need a return man. I'm resigned that at least one of these things won't happen, because of contingency plans like Al Wallace and Shaun Williams. But I'm hopeful that we will, at least, not reach for guys like Rashad Butler this year.
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