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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Panthers Lose Out Again

Worries of 2004's cheapish spending and lack of addressing need don't apply: 2004's version of Carolina could at least land a player or two.

After pursuing DE Dave Bowens for the last week, the team lost him to the New York Jets, who recently had signed ends Kenyon Coleman, Michael Haynes, Andre Wadsworth (who had been out of the league for the last 6 seasons).

As well, the team had previously expressed interest in LB Kawika Mitchell, a starter for the Chiefs; no recent interest had been expressed, however. Mitchell signed with the Giants this week.

Overall, not huge losses at all, but the team lost out on two players in which it had expressed interest, and players whose depth would've been very critical to the team's success; now, both critical positions need to be addressed by rookies. Needs like offensive tackle, return specialist, and tight end get pushed down the list to supplement a defense that requires a strong end and insurance at MLB, besides the enormous vacancy at safety, to remain strong.
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