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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bowens getting continued interest

DE David Bowens, a former starter and solid situational rusher, is still getting significant interest from the Panthers, says agent Harold Lewis through the Rock Hill Herald. The team has pursued Bowens heavily in the past week, but are still fighting the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins for his services.

Getting Bowens in would complete the team on the DL, theoretically; Rucker and Peppers being backed by Bowens, Stanley McClover, and recent Dave Ball should be plenty going into camp. It's not certain at all whether the team would keep 5 DE or 5 DT, but they keep at least 9 DL on the active roster. Completing a team need going into the draft would sharpen the focus of the team's needs toward the back end of the defense and adding playmaking to the offense.

If Carolina loses out on Bowens, expected to sign a backup contract around the value of Damione Lewis' deal last year, they're expected to wait until the draft or possibly return Al Wallace, a Carolina backup from 2002-2006.
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