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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daily Mike Minter Update: Retirement

Not to take focus away from his service in Carolina, but some outlets may start putting a reporter "on assignment" just to cover Mike Minter lately.

Minter, just after having re-structured, and just after rumors came out from the team that Minter may not start next year, came out today to state he was retiring after the 2007 season. Minter's career with Carolina speaks for itself, and while it won't matter to the league's history, it will go down as one of the more storied careers in team history for years to come.

Minter's restructuring turns out to be, like friend Mike Rucker's contract, a simple pay cut, and an honorable act toward a team that has treated him well in the past but has also relied on Minter's own kindness to keep a relationship open. While Minter, in 2000, canceled a trip to Cleveland as a free agent to take a lower offer to stay with Carolina, he's watched Deon Grant and Marlon McCree get huge paydays. Grant, as a matter of fact, competed a contract and got paid again.

Minter's 2000 contract was reasonable; his 2004 contract wasn't as reasonable for a level of play that had started to decline. For players like Minter and Rucker, late in their careers, not guaranteed anything past this year, to take million dollar paycuts, is remarkable, and I hope that these two are allowed to have a significant role in the team in the future.
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