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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Carr, Harrington Pursued

In an attempt to dodge a young quarterback to groom and test the limits of irony, John Fox and Marty Hurney have added David Carr to the quarterback hunt, alongside Joey Harrington. Both quarterbacks were considered in the 2002 draft by Carolina, and the pair went on either side of eventual pick Julius Peppers. Peppers has been a Pro Bowler the last three years; in that time, Carr has lost his job, and Harrington has lost his numerous times (including two releases and being benched countless times more).

Both will visit this upcoming week. The team had been interested in Harrington, who spent the last month in Africa, but hadn't set up a meeting. Carr recently came available after the Texans traded for Atlanta's Matt Schaub.

Carolina is fighting Seattle, Oakland for Carr; each of the three have potential positives but it'll likely come down to money in the short term. It's anticipated that Carolina will attempt to deal with Carr first, and look to Harrington after. If either is signed, it would be the first major move made by a very cautious Carolina squad this offseason, and the only "need" crossed off the team's list before the draft.
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