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Monday, February 5, 2007

Passing Game Coordinator?

Whether a mere tip of the hat, a measure of respect, or a true meaning of added responsibility, the team has added the title of Passing Game Coordinator to Mike McCoy, quarterbacks coach. What this means, at this point, is hard to say. The title is an archaic one, often used at the college level and a title that generally left the NFL in the 1980s, resurfacing a bit with Bill Parcells last year.

It could be a way of showing appreciation for "forced loyalty", so to speak - as with Cleveland giving Jeff Davidson the Assistant Head Coach title after turning the Jets down for permission to interview the young line coach. McCoy was unreportedly, but supposedly, sought for interviews with other teams, and after Carolina turned McCoy down for permission, then turned him down for the coordinator job here. Giving the extra title may be a way of showing appreciation and respect for a coach who may take the lack of hiring as a negative.

It could be actual responsibility, but how much won't be known. Davidson has said numerous times, and had in Cleveland when he took over mid-season, that he enjoys input from all his coaches. Certainly, that was going to happen regardless of what McCoy's title was. Undoubtedly, regardless of what any title is, Jim Skipper and Richard Williamson will have a lot of say in what happens with the run and pass, respectively, as both are extremely valued and have coordinator experience. Certainly, Geep Chryst's background as a coordinator will mean he'll have input as well. Maybe the title given to McCoy was to simply keep him from being lost in the pile amongst a strong offensive staff.

In the end, I hope, and expect, Davidson to have autonomy over his staff and the plays called, and that McCoy will report to him, and not directly to Fox. As long as that happens, McCoy can be called whatever John Fox wants. And in the meantime, hopefully we'll see a bit of this promise that the media continues to lobby to see.
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