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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The rumored fallen: Pope and Fassel?

The first rumored interview outside of the existing staff was Giants TEs coach Mike Pope, a somewhat innovative position coach and friend/former colleague of John Fox and Jim Skipper. Pope had been an initial candidate for the position in 2002.

First, rumors of an interview already placed had come out; then, rumors were that an interview could happen. By Wednesday, Giants president John Mara had denied the team had been contacted about Pope at all.

Jim Fassel was the second rumored; while he may be biding time to see what happens in Oakland with Al Davis, an owner Fassel admires (and most of the league community loathes or simply doesn't understand anymore), he had been rumored by Pro Football Weekly to join the Panthers' staff for 2007 as early as November 2006. Fassel has worked with a lot of the offensive staff remaining that has any prior pro experience - including working with Fox, Skipper, and third-tier assistant Geep Chryst in Arizona. Fox and Skipper were immediately hired on Fassel's staff the next year (Dave Magazu and Mike McCoy have no other pro experience, Richard Williamson has no prior experience with Fassel).

Despite a report by KFFL, it seems nothing has been mentioned about Fassel since. The only recent mention was from Keyshawn Johnson on Sirius Radio questioning why the team would want to hire Fassel "since he just got fired".
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