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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jeff Davidson the new OC

Jeff Davidson, former Patriots staffer and former Cleveland Assistant Head Coach, is the new offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. Davidson, 39, was up for consideration for the Cleveland OC job, which he held for the last ten games of 2006 on an interim basis; he was also up for the coordinator position in Arizona that's not currently filled.

Davidson hasn't officially been announced or signed, but rumors have contract negotiations under way.

As a Patriots staffer (TEs coach/assistant line coach), Davidson ran the offense for a few games and preseason of 2002. He was a favorite assistant of Charlie Weis', and was Weis' assumed successor but was passed up by Bill Bellichick. Davidson left for Cleveland with Romeo Crennel in 2005, and was named Assistant Head Coach in 2006 after the Browns blocked a move for Davidson to become Eric Mangini's offensive coordinator in New York.

Seemingly very well liked by his contemporaries, Davidson is noted as having players "go to the wall for him", and former co-workers have noted him with things such as "he lights up a room" and "players respond to him."

Among the first things known about his offensive style: he likes an open dialogue with his other offensive assistants about decision making, and the rumors have Mike McCoy taking an active role in the offense; his offensive playbook is a direct copy of Charlie Weis' book in New York/New England; his philosphy will mean much more audible changes at the line for Jake Delhomme; and chances are the team will have the same approach with a more innovative means toward that same goal.
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