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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Davidson, Shurmur

Pat Shurmur (QBs coach, Philadelphia) and Jeff Davidson (former OL coach, interim offensive coordinator, Cleveland Browns) are apparently two, and possibly the only two, new interviews in Mobile, Alabama as John Fox prepares to finish the 2007 staff before the Senior Bowl kicks off this week. Mobile tends to be a hotspot for coaching hires, as pro and some college assistants go in search of employment.

Shurmur's name is a new one, and unverified rumor; as quarterbacks coach with the Eagles, Shurmur has taken up some of the slack with the exit of Brad Childress to Minnesota (though Marty Morhinweg became the OC). Shurmur has an eleven year background coaching line in college and has coached with the Eagles as an offensive assistant, and then QBs coach, since 1999.

Davidson's name has come up in the past unverified, and appears to be up for all available jobs. Were the Panthers to not hire him as offensive coordinator, the team may look at him as a line coach, or if they promote TEs coach Dave Magazu, they may push Davidson to that role.
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