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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Coaching Vacancies

It seems as if the DBs coach and OL coach vacancies are simply waiting for the OC position to resolve. Only one candidate for the DBs coach position has been rumored; no OL coaches have been even rumored at this point.

The Charlotte Observer states that the replacement OC will be named by Tuesday; this is likely to mean that interviews will be winding down this weekend, and that while there may be a name or two that hasn't leaked, the team will probably only have interviewed a handful of coaches for the job.

That would seem to give the edge to recently leaked candidate Ken Zampese, unless the team really feels like continuity and keeping the playbook the same are the top goals. If so, the team will likely turn to Skipper, and will leave little room for improvement of the talent of the coaching staff in general. One possible downside to a Skipper or McCoy promotion is the greater likelihood of in-house promotion to fill the OL coaching vacancy; it's not that Magazu isn't qualified, he just shouldn't be the default opportunity for a new OC who wants to gain favor of his former contemporaries.

Other candidates have not been identified publicly, but rumors do have the team looking at other progressive candidates, a positive step considering the outdated and predictable offense that had emerged from a simply conservative approach. It's not expected the team will be that much less conservative, but the methods as to how and to what extent the running game is figured as part of the equation should be re-established as a centerpiece.

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